Tree rings grow in unique ways that tell the story of the tree, and the environment where it lived. Due to Alaska’s rugged conditions, there are many remarkable wood grain patterns hidden inside our trees. Harsh conditions and injuries at a young age often make for the most intricate growth patterns.

No trees are cut down to make these prints. I explore forested areas looking for unique trees that have fallen, to turn into Artworks. These Ink prints reveal what is quietly happening around us. Many of these trees are decades old, and have been around far longer than we have. Most of Alaska consist of old growth forest. It’s very humbling to count tree rings to find the years that correspond with historical events, and to see whats hidden inside.

I moved from Louisiana and became a resident of Alaska, where I have been enjoying myself thoroughly with my wife and cat ever since. While hiking one summer, we came across a large fallen tree. I got a saw and cut out a flat section of the trunk. I had once seen the book “WoodCut”, which is a collection of artworks by Bryan Nash Gill, who is the pioneer of printing tree rings. This motivated me to learn the process, and create my own as a winter project to decorate our home. Since then I have been on the lookout for fallen trees to make more, and improve my technique. It’s always exciting to find new trees to print, you never quite know how one will turn out until you give it a try.