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Talkeetna Black Spruce Burl - 19" x 26"

Talkeetna Black Spruce Burl - 19" x 26"

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        Capture the unique beauty of the Alaskan with this one-of-a-kind Tree Ring Print made from a Talkeetna Alaska Black Spruce Tree Burl. This print features a stunning and intricate pattern that is characteristic of burls, making it a truly unique work of art.

        Each print is an original, pressed by hand onto thick, archival-grade paper using textured ink, ensuring that every detail of the woodgrain is perfectly captured. The print measures 19”x26” making it a perfect fit for a variety of standard-sized frames. Since no machine printing is used, each piece is a one-of-a-kind. There will never be another exactly like yours.

        When you purchase this Tree Ring Print, you can rest assured that no tree was cut down to create it.  I carefully select only previously fallen trees, remove a small slice from the trunk, and leave the rest behind to decompose naturally back into the ecosystem.

        Please note that this print ships unframed and rolled up safely in a tube, ready to be framed to your liking. This ensures that the print arrives in perfect condition and allows you to choose the perfect frame to complement your decor.


- Original Tree Ring Print from a Talkeetna Black Spruce burl

- Thick 100lb archival grade paper.

- Paper Color; Organic White (Light-Cream White)

- 19" x 26" standard frame size.

- Ships safely in a tube, via USPS Priority Mail from Girdwood, Alaska

- Hand Pressed and signed by me


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