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Parker Ink Prints

Palmer Black Spruce - 11" x 17"

Palmer Black Spruce - 11" x 17"

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    This is a print from a Black Spruce tree that grew in Palmer Alaska. Spruce Beetles took this tree, like many others in that area. Warmer temperature have allowed the Spruce Beetle population to thrive, they burrow underneath the bark of a tree, eventually killing it.

    To make one of these prints, I first collect a slice of wood from a tree. Only trees that have died of natural causes, and have fallen are used. Never trees that have been cut down. To prepare the wood, I sand it down very smooth and then burn the surface deeply with a hand torch. The tree rings are more dense than the soft wood between rings, and therefore more resistant to charring when you burn them. Therefore with enough patience and a coarse brush, the soft charred wood between the rings can be brushed away leaving the ring pattern raised from the surface of the wood.

    I then use traditional woodblock printing methods to print the tree onto thick Archival Grade printmaking paper. This paper is made in France, and consist of 100% cotton. The ink used is a soy based organic paint, that dries through absorption rather than exposure to air.

Each Print is slightly unique, as they are pressed by handNo two are exactly a-like. If you are not happy with your artwork in any way, I will refund you no questions asked.

- Original ink print from a Palmer Black Spruce

- Thick 100lb archival grade paper. It will not deteriorate over time from UV light.

- Fits 11” x 17” frame size. 

- Ships safely in a tube via USPS Priority Mail

- Hand Pressed and signed

*I am currently not shipping with frames. 

* If you would like a print made from a tree of your own, or any alterations to one of my mine, please feel free to contact me.


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